What Does A Landscaper Do?

Posted on: June 1, 2018 by in Blog
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If you need help keeping your garden in check, someone to help you with the regular maintenance activity that comes with owning a garden then what you need is a landscaper.

What does a landscaper do? Basically, he or she does any work that maintains your garden. So they will trim your hedges and shrubs and make sure they don’t overgrow the garden’s boundaries and stay at the edges. They will prune tree branches so that the whole garden isn’t just a morass of shady tree (unless that’s the look you’re going for, then your landscaper will let your trees grow wild). They will clean out all the unwanted little weeds that sneak up between your precious plants. In this vein, they will also work to keep your plants pest free. Mowing the lawn will no longer be a weekend hassle to get up early for because your landscaper will do it for you.

Now this is not to confuse a landscaper with a landscape designer as the former will simply maintain the existing landscape so that it keeps looking its best. They won’t design any new landscape details. But anything that involves maintaining like weeding, raking up leaves, aerating the soil, mulching that’s what your landscaper has your back for.

You might be thinking, why hire a landscaper? I could just do all the above myself. After all, it sounds simple enough. Well, consider this: you are probably super busy throughout the duration of the week and on the weekend you might have social engagements. Even if the weekend is totally free then you probably just want to relax. And look above at the list of tasks to do if you want to maintain your garden and have it look beautiful. Will you really have the time and energy to set about mowing and pruning and fertilizing after a hectic work day? Maybe you won’t even remember that a garden needs to be fertilized. And you might just whack off half a shrub and then it’ll look ugly.

This is why hiring a landscaper is a good idea because they’ll do all this physical labor work for you. You can come home and relax in your soothing green garden which is beautifully maintained and not have to worry about the fact that you need to do the weeding tomorrow.

So hire a landscaper and be rid of your gardening chores. Contact us today so we can help you!

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