What Does Lawn Care Service Involve?

Posted on: June 1, 2018 by in Blog
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To maintain a lawn to be green, vibrant, manicured and weed free is truly a job for professionals and that is why we offer lawn care service. In today’s busy world it is not always feasible to try and take out time everyday for watering, mowing and cutting your lawn, not to mention taking out the extra time to weed, fertilize, prune and all the myriad other things involved in maintaining a lawn. And yet we all need our green space around us. And that’s where professional lawn care services come in.

Every lawn is different from another. Now this may sound a little over the top but every lawn will have different plants and will be of a different size. The first step to lawn care is to analyze the lawn and figure out what it needs. Is it a residential lawn we are dealing with or a company’s lawn? Do the plants look dehydrated and need more regular watering? Are there weeds overrunning the place? Are the trees and shrubs in severe need of pruning? All these questions need to be considered and answered before starting the lawn care service work.

Lawn care involves the obvious like watering all the plants regularly and clearing out any weeds that spring up. It is important to identify pests and grubs that start taking over the plants as soon as they start so they can be sprayed with pesticide at the earliest opportunity. Plants need regular pruning and trimming because without that there will be too many dead branches and twigs hanging on and sapping energy from the growing plant causing it to be stunted. The soil of a lawn also needs regular aeration so that it doesn’t stagnate and the roots of grasses, trees, shrubs etc can get good access to oxygen. Another important maintenance tip is to regularly fertilize the lawn so that plants get all the nutrients they need to grow.

Looking at the list of work above, it seems quite a hefty task to have a beautiful lawn year round. This is why more and more residents and companies are hiring professional lawn care services who care about making your lawn look beautiful. It is important to hire the right professional who can come take a good look at your lawn and decide exactly what needs to be done so go ahead and call away.

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